Flinders Fertility

Flinders Fertility is a long-established ART clinic in South Australia, which was responsible for the first IVF baby in South Australia.  Owned jointly by Southern Adelaide Local Health Network and Flinders University, the organisation has been through a major transformation over the past three years and has successfully transitioned away from a Public Hospital environment to a brand new private facility in the bustling beach-side suburb of Glenelg.  All facilities and staff are now under one roof and we have seen significant improvements in success rates, patient satisfaction, staff retention and other key metrics.  It offers a genuinely supportive, collegiate environment and a positive culture.

POSITION DESCRIPTION FERTILITY O&G DOCTOR/ TRAINEE FERTILITY DOCTOR) Flinders Fertility   Employment Type:   O&G Specialist Fertility Doctor/ Trainee Fertility Doctor Award:   Medical Practitioners Award 2010 Level:   A.8 Specialist Hours:   0.4-0.8 FTE Supervisor (Title):   Medical Director   KEY PURPOSE The appointee will conduct fertility consultations with patients and perform surgical procedures such as oocyte retrievals, surgical sperm retrieval and embryo transfers.  Training will be given if required. The appointee will contribute to ongoing clinical development, coordination and delivery of the assisted reproductive medicine services at Flinders Reproductive Medicine Pty Ltd (T/A Flinders Fertility “FF”)..   ORGANISATIONAL ENVIRONMENT FF’s aims are to: Provide competitive assisted reproductive medicine...
Flinders Fertility Flinders Fertility, 24 Gordon Street, Glenelg SA, Australia Part time