Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Urogynaecology

  • St Vincent's Health Australia
  • St Vincent’s Campus Sydney – St Vincent’s Public Hospital, Private Hospital and St Vincent’s Clinic
Full time Yr 5 (Advanced) FRANZCOG Trainee Positions Yr 6 (Advanced) FRANZCOG Trainee Positions Subspecialist Trainee (Accredited)

Job Description

St Vincent’s  Fellowship position – Commencing in February 2025 in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery + Urogynaecology at St Vincent’s Public + Private Campus Sydney.


Two full time RANZCOG accredited positions for 12-months 

Public and Private Gynaecology - Only Fellowship giving significant surgical exposure including management of:

Currently applying for 2025 AGES fellowship accreditation.

1. Severe endometriosis + pelvic pain

2. Major prolapse, incontinence + reconstructive surgeries - Laparoscopic and vaginal surgical techniques 

3. Advanced laparoscopic + hysteroscopic surgery

4. Sub-specialist urogynaecology assessment and surgery

5. Management of infertility

6. Acute Gynaecology


Inanimate laparoscopic training, teaching of medical students and JMO education as well as involvement in research and journal publications are key aspects to these two fellow positions for 2025.


A. Prof Vince Lamaro and A. Prof Joseph Lee


Applications - please contact Associate Professor Vince Lamaro vlamaro@gmail.com or 8382 7180

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