AGES accredited 2-year Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgery

  • Agora Specialist Centre
  • Epworth Richmond, Bridge Road, Richmond VIC, Australia
Full time Yr 5 FRANZCOG Trainee Positions Yr 6 FRANZCOG Trainee Positions

Job Description

  • 2 year AGES accredited fellowship

  • Suitable for specialists and senior trainees

  • Accredited as RANZCOG advanced training

  • Minimum requirement 5 years Gynaecology specialist RANZCOG training or equivalent

  • Theatre lists, outpatient hysteroscopy, outpatient clinics, inpatient ward rounds, dry lab training, research, practice audit and data collection

  • Compliance with AGES requirements which include passing exams and attending cadaveric dissection and anatomy of complications workshops 

Work mostly in the private sector under A/Prof Alex Ades, Dr Philip Thomas and Dr Chin Yong at Frances Perry House, Cabrini and Epworth Hospitals. 

Applications https://www.agoracentre.com.au/medical-education

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