Bay of Plenty District Health Board
  • Tauranga, New Zealand

At the Bay of Plenty District Health Board we recruit for our Manaakitanga CARE values. Why do we do this? Because values-based teams deliver better care.

Our objective is to make the Bay of Plenty DHB an even better place to work. By building on existing good practice, higher staff engagement drives higher quality patient care. There is a clear relationship between the wellbeing of staff and patient wellbeing.

Our Manaakitanga CARE values (Compassion, All-one-team, Responsive and Excellence) support each of us to make a difference every day in the things we do and say. Therefore, it's important that when recruiting new staff, we recruit staff who live by our CARE values.

Our Manaakitanga CARE values and behaviours shape:

  • The way we all behave with patients, families and whānau and with each other.
  • The way all of our teams from our Board, frontline staff, support staff, corporate staff and administration staff, make decisions.
  • How we keep understanding and improving everyone's (patients and staff) experiences.
  • How we recruit, induct, appraise, support and develop our staff.

When a staff member's values and the DHB's values are a good 'fit,' staff are more likely to feel more comfortable, more energised and get greater satisfaction from their work. Also new staff will settle quicker, stay longer and demonstrate our Manaakitanga CARE values more consistently.

The Bay of Plenty District Health Board is working for equity within its workforce and seeks to employ a Māori and Pacific workforce that reflects our population proportionality for our region by 2030.